ВъпросиCategory: ДругиHello Dr.Janny my daughter is 4 and a half months,the las 1 month she no want drink any milk while she is a wake.I feed her only while she sleep that is the only way i can get her to take some milk.She is from day first at formula.When she is a wake i know she is hungry i try to feed her she start crying jumping get upset.I try to change niples bottles formulas and nothing.Please for any advice.I took her to 3 pediatrics thay say is from hot wetter from teths that this but nothing help me.I am staying all night to feed her because in day she won’t.Thank you
Anonymous asked 9 години ago
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Яни Ведер Staff answered 9 години ago

Since I do not have the full information I must make some assumptions on the situation.
It might be that your daughter at 4, 5 months is ready for weaning foods when you did not start already.
The more pressure you put on letting her drink milk the more she might be rejecting your attempts and simply refuses.
To take the pressure of drinking milk you might start offering her a variety of weaning foods instead with no pressure.
Or make some cereals with milk formula instead and try to let her drink that with an enlarged nipple or via spoon.
Or it could be you on the other hand as this information is lacking you have started with additional foods and might be overfeeding her with this.
Or the volume of milk bottles might be too much. Please check the feeding table and the instructions carefully on the milk can.
So, it might be a matter of satiety during the day. Feeding her only milk at night is not a normal situation and can create health hazards as she might choke or not swallow well enough.
An upright body positioning is important when you let her drink at night at least.
Also try to not give her anything in the morning to reduce the pressure so see what happens later that day.
To my knowledge almost no baby let herself be starved or increase hunger with no consumption of milk, water or any other types of food.
If she is still alert, produces diapers with urine and faces she still is okay, let her find a bit her way and the more stressed become the more the baby picks up the signals and counter-reacts.
I know this sounds easy from my side but it is worth a try-out.

Lots of success.
Warm regards, Janny