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Anonymous asked 8 years ago

My son /7 months/ is on formula feeding from the begging. I give him Lactana Bio HA. Since 4 month I made several attempts to change his milk to a normal AM formula, but failed every time. He started vomiting, refuses to eat /for as long as 24 hours/ and last time he was dehydrated for 2 days. Lactana do not have HA formula for 2 or 3 milk.
My questions are:
1. For how long is OK to give him Lactana bio HA 1?
2. Do I have to change the milk to second 2 or third 3 and how am I suppose to do it?
3. Is it possible the reaction to be because my son have allergy towards the protein in the normal AM formula?

Thank you very much in advance!

1 Answers
Яни Ведер Staff answered 8 years ago

1. HA 1 formula can be given when no stage 2 or 3 is available, best is to add 1 scoop powder extra to every 180 ml water = 200 ml ready-to-feed milk to compensate for the nutrients and energy. This can be done for as long that is needed.

2. No, you can stay on HA 1 formula with the above advice for as long as needed.

3. Yes, it is possible however if the reactions do not occur on yoghurt, or cheese or fresh cream or other products based on / containing cow`s milk protein than it is not an allergy, but if your baby reacts too on other milk or milk containing products it might be an allergy.

4. If you want to test again take first full HA 1 and add per 2 – 3 days 1 scoop less of HA 1 and 1 scoop extra of in our case Bebelan Lacta 2 and see how it goes till you are on full strength 2-nd stage formula. If no reactions than all fine, if reaction immediately change back to full HA 1 and wait further testing till your baby is at least 1 year old.
I would advice you also to talk to your pediatrician.
Good Luck