What to look for when choosing a Formula?

For parents, choosing a formula is one of the most difficult and daunting tasks there is.

It is easy to get confused and lost while reading all the scientific terms, and the variety of brands trying to portrait themselves as the “best choice” can make it difficult to judge what is really important and what is just marketing hype.

The online forums and advice of friends sometimes make it more difficult instead of helping.

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The How, When & Which of Weaning?

Is your baby ready for semi solid food?

New insights show it might be the best opportunity to introduce such foods between 4 – 6 months of age. Certainly not earlier, but it is also good not to be too late either.

You should follow baby’s cues to determine whether your baby is willing to accept solid food, and always discuss with your paediatrician before making any major change to your baby’s diet.
Here are some developmental milestones that will let you know

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What foods should I not give my baby if she is under a year?

Salt: Your baby’s kidneys can’t cope with salt yet.
Honey: Your baby shouldn’t have honey until she’s one unless it has been specially treated for babies.
Whole nuts: These are a choking hazard.
Certain fish: Although fish are a great source of Omega 3 (DHA) which is key for the development of the brain and eyes, some types of fish may contain traces of mercury.

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Myths and facts about Baby Food

As a new mum, you’re inundated with advice about how and what to feed your baby every way you turn.

It may be from well-meaning family members or even complete strangers on the street.

While some tips are sanity-savers, others can just leave you confused.

Here we look at the some of the common ones you may come across to help you decipher fact from fiction.

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